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Education at the Garden

We love working with community members and various partners to put together hands on education. Scroll through to see some of our previous educational sessions, and workshops that our project leads host!

Youth Pollinator Garden

April 2021

During this Youth Pollinator series, we partnered with Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania to learn more about insects, birds, and to plant pollinators on the Southside of our space!


July 2023

Isaiah Rose, a fellow community member hosted an educational class on the garden! He walked us through the importance of pollinators, how to pick up the best plants in your local departments, as well as offered an opportunity for hands on propagation and plant maintenance on our 2 tiered trellis beds!


Bee Keeping Class

July 2023

Lead by Garfield resident Tenley, students aged 14-18 were able to learn the basics of bee-keeping and be apart of the process of introducing 2 new queens into a hive! 
This was a 1 day workshop on the basics of bee keeping! We hope to continue this type of hands-on curriculum in our 2024 garden year!


Host a workshop on our space!

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Interested in hosting a workshop at the garden? Feel free to  fill out this google form, someone from the team will reach out to you regarding your form! 

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